10/17/2012 - Goals are anchored

Post date: Oct 18, 2012 2:18:40 AM


Just wanted to provide everyone with an update as it relates to the soccer goals located on the fields.

As of today, the goals on the 3 developmental fields (Fields 5, 6 and 7) and two large sized fields (Fields 3 and 4) have now been anchored into the ground and will no longer require sandbags for weight. If you have matches on any of these fields this weekend please inform the referee of this recent change.

For the goals on the U5, U6, U7/8 fields and Field 2, we will continue, for the time being, to use sandbags for weight.  Additional anchors have been ordered and when they have been received, the goals on Field 2 and the goals on the U7/8 fields will also be anchored.

Also, now that the season has changed and the sun is setting earlier, please be aware that the Greenvale fields close at dusk and anyone practicing at Greenvale after that time will not be covered under our soccer insurance because of this.  I would greatly appreciate everyone's cooperation in concluding your practice sessions prior to dusk.




President - Town of Poughkeepsie Soccer Club