Club Info

The Town of Poughkeepsie Soccer Club (TOPSC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which serves the greater Town of Poughkeepsie to provide youth soccer opportunities at multiple skill levels.  TOPSC is funded by registration fees, sponsorships and charitable donations.   

We are affiliate members of Hudson Valley Youth Soccer, Eastern NY Youth Youth Soccer and the United States Youth Soccer Associations.  


Program Information


We offer multiple programs which support all levels of play for ages 4-18.  Our teams are formed based off of age groups using the birth year of the participants.  Please refer to the current age group charts for additional information.


Program Descriptions




Our intramural & intertown programs are for recreational play.  This division does not require any prior experience and contains age groups from Under 5 through U19 (High School).  Recreation coaches are volunteers and usually are parents of players.  Costs, game format, ball size by age group can be found in the Intramural tab.  There are two seasons to a playing year, Fall and Spring.  The registration window opens late Spring/early summer.  Your registration includes both seasons.  The Fall season usually begins after Labor Day and there are 8 games to the season.  The Spring season usually begins the first week of April and there are 8 games to the season.  The intramural program supports the younger age groups (U5-U11) and games are between two teams made up of boys and girls from within our own club.  Their games at Greenvale Park on Saturday mornings prior to noon.  The intertown program supports our older players (U12-U19).  The intertown teams are comprised of boys, or girls, from TOPSC and their games are played against other teams in the region.  Intramural & intertown teams practice one night a week.  TOPSC does not allow teams to be stacked.  However, the registration process allows you to specify preferred practice night(s).  Actual practices will be determined by the availability of the coach.  




The travel program provides soccer opportunities of a more competitive caliber than is provided by the intramural program.  Players in this division typically have playing experience.  Tryout participants may obtain their playing experience outside of TOPSC.  Teams begin at U9 and go through U18 (High School).  Coaches are volunteers but a coaching license is required.  New players must attend a tryout and, if selected as meeting the necessary playing level, are drafted onto a team.  Tryouts are conducted in the Spring.  There are two seasons to a playing year, Fall and Spring.  In general, travel players are expected to be available to practice two times per week during the Fall and Spring seasons and one time per week during the Winter.  Travel players must also be available to travel within the East Hudson Youth Soccer League (generally within an hour) for one game per week (usually Sunday afternoon) during Fall and Spring seasons.  Some teams may elect to do additional tournaments, elect to rent additional winter training space, and/or arrange for additional time with a professional trainer.  These items are decided, and paid for, by each individual team.  Each travel team participates in our annual Columbus Day Weekend Tournament.  Each family is expected to donate 3 hours to help run the tournament and/or donate baked goods to be sold at the tournament.




Our premier programs provide teams, rather than individuals, opportunities of a more competitive caliber than is provided by the travel program.  Premier requires extensive commitment on behalf of both the player and parent.  The amount of travel will depend on the league the team is playing in.