Cones & Pop-up Goals

Post date: Aug 18, 2013 10:58:4 PM

The Club has purchased and deployed cones & pop up goals for use by intramural and travel coaches to augment their individual coaching tools issued by the Club (and/or purchased by coaches). The following equipment can be found in the garage next to the concession stand: 4 pairs of six foot pop up goals, 4 pairs of four foot pop up goals, 100 orange mini disc cones, 100 yellow mini disc cones, and 100 orange mini construction cones. (Note: All equipment has be marked with "TOPSC".)

All equipment should be replaced after every practice so that other coaches can use the equipment for their practices too. We have taken the time to clean and organize the garage. Please help us keep it this way.

Equipment is available on a first come - first served basis. If we are consistently running out of a resource then we can buy more. Please let someone from the Board know if you think we need more shared equipment. We are always open to suggestions.

Reminder: The AED is also located in the garage. All returning coaches should have a key to the garage due to completing the First Aid/CPR/AED course. All new coaches should work with their Division Director to obtain key. A CPR/First Aid/AED course will be scheduled this Fall for those coaches not currently certified (at least one coach per team should be certified).