Schedule A Board Meeting

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There are several ways of scheduling a meeting. This is an example of one: Click on the date and time you wish to schedule the meeting for you should see an event dialogue like the one shown. Select the Board Calendar and click on "Edit event". If you don't have it on the list you do not have access to it and will need to request it.

This is the repeat event dialogue.

The edit event dialogue displays as shown below.

    1. In the title field enter month and "Board Meeting"

    2. Check the date and time. If you want a recurring meeting check the repeat box.

    3. Enter the address for the meeting. The address for Croft Corners Fire House is listed in the "Where" field in the diagram below.

    4. Pick "Board" from the Calendar drop down. If it doesn't show up you need to request access to that calendar.

    5. Enter "" under Guests in the "Enter email addresses" field then click add. Board is actually a group and it will populate the invitation with group member emails.

    6. In the description you can put an agenda, alternatively you can attach an agenda with the "add attachment" dialogue. Make sure the document you attach has the appropriate sharing privileges.

For future reference purposes it would be best to attach the minutes to the event after the event is over.

This is the add an attachment dialogue.

When you click save you'll be asked if you want to send invites. Press send otherwise no one will know about the meeting.