Let me start out by saying that TOPSC is a non-profit organization and all the money spent goes directly to program services for your children. No coaches or board members are paid any money or other compensation and, at present, board members and coaches pay the same fees as everyone else. The club does pay the licencsed officials/referees and professional trianers that the club uses. Some officials/referees are also TOPSC players and coaches.

Let me also add that your registration fee, be it intramural or travel, does NOT cover all the expenses incurred by TOPSC on behalf of your child's participation in our soccer program. In the case of intramural players the difference is made up by the Club sponsors that appear on the back of your child's uniform shirt and, in the case of travel, the difference is made up by the TOPSC Columbus Day tournament which is run by and for the travel program.

Where does your money go? (the amounts reflected below represent the per player costs)

Since the budget is based on 770 intramural players and 231 Travel players, the registration fees alone leaves the Club short $ 3,465.00 in the intramural program expenses and $ 11,088 in travel program expenses. As mentioned above, this money is raised through team sponsors for the intramural teams and the Columbus Day Tournament for the travel teams.

What can you do to keep the registration fees down or even reduce them?

For intramural players/parents, you can ask anyone you know that has a local business to become a team sponsor. The more sponsors we have, the lower the intramural registration fee.

For travel players/parents, volunteer your time at the Columbus Day tournament and encourage local businesses and chain stores to take an Ad in our tournament Ad Book and/or sponsor parts of the tournament or donate services/items which the Club can use in our tournament.

Carl F. Foehrenbach, Treasurer Town of Poughkeepsie Soccer Club