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The Town of Poughkeepsie Soccer Club
The 25th Annual JR Memorial
Columbus Weekend Soccer Tournament

October 12 and 13, 2013
 Greenvale Park, Poughkeepsie NY

2013 Results at Gotsoccer

2103 Champions


        BU9 - First: Port Chester, Second: East Fishkill Avalanch
        BU10 - First: East Fishkill Attack, Second: East Fishkill Eagles
         BU11 - First: Beacon Burn, Second Eastchester Kings
        BU12 - First: White Plains Arsenal, Second: FCS Foundation

         BU13A - First: White Plains Strikers, Second: Almuni Vipers   
        BU13B - First: Chappaqua Strikers, Second: Somers Force                   
- First:White Plains Albertson West, Second: Just Play Soccer


         GU10 - First: Ways Watertown Warriors, Second: HBC Ultimate
        GU11 -: First: Doug Miller Soccer, Second: Ways Waterrtown Hurricanes
        GU12 - First: Lagrange Rage, Second: Ways Wolve
- First: Newtown Flash, Second: FC Somers Cheetahs
        GU14P - First: Sounthern Ulster Panthers, Second: Westchester Girls 200

Tournament Rules