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Try Outs

Travel Team Try-Outs for 2020-2021 ARE OPEN!

Pre-register for try outs here:

This page will be updated over the next few weeks, so please check back frequently!  
It is important that you pre-register for Try Outs so coaches can notify you 
of any changes or cancellations.
Click here for age group charts.

Note: Current TOPSC travel players and coaches should have received information 
on registering for next season. If a Tryout is needed, you will be informed by your coach

All new/un-rostered players and select current players must attend at least one try out.  It is strongly recommended that players attend all tryouts in order to be considered for a team.

The schedule is posted by age group and by date and is shown on the right.  All tryouts will last for 45 minutes.  Should a try out be rained out, it will be posted on the home page and rescheduled on the table on the right side of this page.

Please note that changes to the schedule are in RED BOLD.  

All players must arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time for check-in and warm ups.  Players should bring the following items:
  • Properly inflated appropriately sized ball
  • Water bottle
  • Shin guards covered with socks
  • Shorts and a tee shirt
  • Hand sanitizer and face cover (to be worn before and after the try out)
Pls refer to this document provided by the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Associate regarding guidelines for Return to Soccer Activities:

For most teams, Tryout results will be announced within two weeks of completion of try outs. Player commitments are due by August 1st.  Please send any questions to our travel director.

 Team Name
 2020/2021 tryouts
 No Try Out No Try Out
 BU09 Thunder Friday 7/17 @ 5:30 Friday 7/24 @ 5:30
 BU10 Lightning
 Thursday 7/23 @ 6:30
 BU11 Backdraft
 Thursday 7/16 @ 6:30
 Thursday 7/23 @ 6:30
 BU12 Firestorm
 Thursday 7/16 @ 5:30
 Thursday 7/23 @ 5:30
 BU12 Flames
 No Try Out
  No Try Out
 BU13 Heat
 Wednesday, 7/15 @ 6:30
Cancelled - This Try Out Only
  Wednesday, 7/22 @ 6:30
Cancelled - This Try Out Only
 BU14 Strikers No Try Out  No Try Out 
 BU15 Firebirds Tuesday, 7/21 @ 6:30 Thursday, 7/23 @ 6:30 
 BU16 Sparks No Try Out No Try Out
 BU19 Igniters Tuesday, 7/14 @ 6:30 Tuesday, 7/21 @ 6:30
 BU19 Shock/Incinerators
 Tuesday, 7/14 @ 5:30
 Tuesday, 7/21 @ 5:30
 GU09E NEW TEAM Friday 7/17 @ 6:30
 Friday 7/24 @ 6:30 
 GU10 Fire No Try Out No Try Out
 GU11 Flare Wednesday, 7/22 @ 5:30 Thursday, 7/23 @ 5:30
 GU12 Firehawks No Try Out No Try Out
 GU13 Blue Dragons Friday, 7/17 @ 6:30 Wednesday, 7/22 @ 6:30
 GU14 Blaze No Try Out
 No Try Out
 GU15 NEW TEAM No Try Out-Consider U19 TeamsNo Try Out-Consider U19 Teams
 GU16 NEW TEAM No Try Out-Consider U19 TeamsNo Try Out-Consider U19 Teams
 GU19 Pele
 Thursday, 7/16 @ 6:30
 Monday, 7/20 @ 6:30
 GU19 Phoenix
 Thursday, 7/16 @ 5:30
 Tuesday, 7/21 @ 5:30