24th Annual Poughkeepsie Columbus Weekend Tournament


This year’s annual tournament of 85 youth soccer teams from ages under 9 through under 14 was held the weekend of October 6th and 7th, 2012 at Greenvale Park, in the Town of Poughkeepsie.  Threatening weather held off and there were just a few sprinkles in the afternoon each day instead of the predicted rain.  44 boys teams played on Saturday, October 6th, and 41 Girls teams played on Sunday October 7th.  There were teams from as far North as Syracuse and Binghamton, as far East as Dix Hills, Mastic and Terryville on Long Island, from across the Hudson from Wallkill, Monroe and Clarkstown, and from Connecticut: New Fairfield, Ridgefield, and Central Connecticut.  There were teams from the South as the Bronx, Westchester and Putnam.   On Saturday our congresswoman, Nan Hayworth, and our Town of Poughkeepsie Supervisor, Todd Tancredi, visited the fields.  It was a wonderful two days for the players. 

Boys Results, Saturday October 6th

 Boys under 9

 The Monroe Wolverines took first place with 4 wins and a tie, and Wallkill took second with the same record, the tie breaker being that Monroe had more shutouts.  The Poughkeepsie Incinerators, Beacon Bullets, Hyde Park Tornadoes and the Bronx Hawks also played in this division.

 Boys Under 10

 The Beacon Burn with a 4-0-1 record was runner up to first place White Plains Chelsea who won all five 5 games. The Poughkeepsie Fireballs and inferno, the Ridgefield Revolution and Colts, the Yorktown Sting and the FC Somers Titans also competed in this division.

 Boys Under 11

 The Bronx Eagles won  all their games to finish in  first place ahead of the White Plains Arsenal.  The Poughkeepsie Firecrackers, Mahopac sharks and New Rochelle Sharks also played in this division.

 Boys Under 12 Blue

 The White Plains Strikers bested the Chappaqua Striker in head to head competition, that game being the tie breaker as both teams had 4-0-1 records.  Also in the under 12 blue group were the Poughkeepsie Dynamite, Beacon Blaze, Ridgefield Black and Dix Hills, from Long Island.

 Boys Under 12 Gold

 Asphalt Green from New York took first place over the Southern Ulster Pumas In this group.  The Hota Bavarians from Long Island, the Hyde Park Cosmos, and Ridgefield also played Under 12.

 Boys Under 13

 Ridgefield Black took First with a record of 4-0-1, with four shutouts, while the Woodcrest Warriors came in second with the same record, but had only 3 shutouts. 

Other teams in this group included the Poughkeepsie Burn, the Hyde Park Storm, Ridgefield Orange, White Plains Milan, the
Carmel Raging Bulls and the Castleford Rovers.

 Boys Under 14

 The White Plains Panthers went undefeated to take first ahead of the Shrub Oak Red Bulls won 3 games.  The Poughkeepsie Fire, Danbury, Asphalt Green and
Stamford Hurricanes also competed at this level.

 Girls Results, Sunday October 7th

 Girls Under 10 Green

 The Southbury Bulldogs (5-0-1) took first ahead of the Ridgefield Freedom (4-0-1).The Poughkeepsie Firefighters, the Monroe United Magic, and the WAYS (Watertown) Hawks and Hurricanes also competed.

 Girls Under 10 Yellow

 Westport Blue took first going undefeated.  Second Place went to the FC Somers Lady Cougars.   Also competing were the Brewster United, FC Somers Lady Striker and the Rye Raiders.

 Girls Under 11

 The Greater Binghamton Soccer Association (GBSA) girls U11 went undefeated to take first place, just ahead of the Beacon Crush  (3-1-1).  The Mahopac Panthers, Ridgefield White,  FC Somers Strikers, and the WAYS (Watertown) Wolves where in this group.

 Girls Under 12  Green

 The Lagrange Phoenix went 4-1-0, with all shutouts to win this division.  The Port Chester Persian Cats came in second.  The FC Somers Cheetahs, the Phillipstown Eagles and the Watertown Wildfire also competed.

 Girls Under 12 Red

 The Syracuse Revolution took first over the Westchester Soccer Club.  Also in this group were te Poughkeepsie Phoenix, FC Clarkstoen Charles and the Shrub Oak Athletic Club.

 Girls Under 13

 The Poughkeepsie Wildfire took second place, being bested by Terryville (Long Island).  The East Fishkill Fire, the Yorktown Tsunami, The Mahopac Thunderhawks  Ridgefield Orange, and FC Clarkstown were also in this group.

 Girls Under 14

 The Poughkeepsie Bluedragons took first, going undefeated and un-scored upon record of 3-2-0, having one more shutout and  besting Central Connecticut Extreme who had the same record.  Other competitors in this group included the Carmel Rockets, the Brookfield Wildcats, Westbur, Westbury Ct, New Fairfield and Clarkstown.