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Intramural and Intertown Registration
2021-2022 Season

Intramural & Intertown (Limited Distance Travel) Information

What are TOPSC's intramural and intertown programs? 
Our intramural & intertown programs are for recreational play.  This division does not require any prior experience and contains age groups from under 5 through under 19 (High School).  

The intramural program supports the younger age groups (U5-U10).  Intramural teams play games on Saturday mornings at Greenvale Park against other TOPSC teams.  

The intertown program supports our older players (U12-U19).  The intertown teams are comprised of boys, or girls, from TOPSC and their games are played against neighboring towns in the Dutchess county where the clubs don't have enough to form 4 or more teams.  Intertown games are also played on Saturdays.  Half of the games are played at home (Greenvale Park) and the remaining games are played at the other club's fields.  

When do intramural and intertown teams plays?
There are two seasons to a playing year, Fall and Spring.  Your registration includes both seasons.  The Fall season usually begins after Labor Day and there are 8-10 games to the season.  The Spring season usually begins the first week of April and there are 8-10 games to the season.  Registration opens the first week of May.    

When do intramural and intertown teams practice?
Intramural & Intertown teams generally practice for 60 minutes one night a week.  Each coach sets their own schedule, but practices are usually some time between 5:00-7:00pm.  The coaches are volunteers and usually are parents of players.

Who coaches the intramural and intertown teams?
Our coaches are volunteers - many are parents of players.  Intramural Coaches are not required to possess formal coaching certifications, however formal training is highly recommended.  TOPSC offers beginner courses from United Soccer Coaches and USSF prior to the Fall season and more advanced courses later in the year.  TOPSC pays for the cost of these courses.  

What is included in the intramural and intertown registration fees?
Intramural players receive the following items: A new uniform every year (1 jersey, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of socks), training 1 day per week and 1 game per weekend during the Spring/Fall season, league fees for teams playing in EHYSL, coaching equipment and all administrative expenses incurred. New U5 & U6 players are given a size 3 ball.  U8-U10 fees also included licensed referees for each game.

Intertown players receive the following items:  A new uniform every year (1 jersey, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of socks), training 1 day per week and 1 game on the weekend during the Spring/Fall season, league fees for teams playing in EHYSL, coaching equipment and all administrative expenses incurred.  Intertown teams can attend intramural soccer tournaments.  Intertown fees also include licensed referees for each game.

Intertown (Limited Distance Travel Program - U12+) players are not allowed to play in both intramural and LDT.  They must choose one program.

What will my child need to bring/wear to participate?
The players are required to provide their own equipment as follows:
  • A ball (New U5 & U6 players will be given a ball, all other ages must provide their own)
  • Appropriate footwear would be sneakers at a miniumum, but cleats are permitted/encouraged (no toe cleats like those found on baseball shoes).
  • Shinguards, and socks that fully cover the shinguards, are mandatory for practices and games.
  • Practice attire:  athletics shorts and a t-shirt (sweatpants/training pants and or long sleeve shirts for cooler weather).
  • If your child wears glasses, a sports strap is highly recommended to help prevent them from falling off and getting stepped on.
  • Each child should bring a water bottle to practice and games.  
Registration instructions for intramurals/intertown:

1. Click the player or coaches and managers button under "Register NOW" above to go to our registration system.

2. Choose the session "Intramurals/Intertown 2021-2022"

3. If your family is new to TOPSC, you need to create an account and add children.

4. If you have an account then login to find your child and click register now, or add a child. 

5. The system will place your child in the appropriate age group based on date of birth.  Click here for age charts.

6. Registration Fees for Intramural or Intertown: U5 and U6 - $110. U8 and up - $140.  After July 15, 
U5 and U6 - $135. U8 and up - $165. 

7. Questions or problems? Contact  We'll respond within 24 hours.