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U5-U6 Practice Activites

Game Skill
123 Red Light Dribbling
Bank Robbery Dribbling
Big Bad Coach Dribbling
"Coach Says" Dribbling
LA Freeway Dribbling
My Ball Dribbling
Pac Woman Dribbling
Sharks and Minnows Dribbling
State Game Dribbling
Tag Dribbling
The Big Bad Bear Dribbling
The Big Race Dribbling
The Big Snake Dribbling
The Lion King Dribbling
Treasure Hunt Dribbling
Golf Passing & Shooting
Knock-it-Off Passing & Shooting
One Pin Bowling Passing & Shooting
Target Practice Passing & Shooting
Target Practice Two Passing & Shooting
The Mosquito Passing
Into The Well Throw-in
To The Line Throw-in

Soccer Tag

Each player will need a ball, except those that have been designated as "It".  Players that are "It" need to carry a colored pinnie or flag in their hand.  Players with a ball try to dribble without being tagged. If they are, they exchange places with the "tagger" (The "tagger" hands the pinnie to the dribbler and takes their ball).  Dribblers are safe in one of the designated bases. Only one player is allowed in a base at a time. If a new player enters a base, the old player must leave the base.  Add "taggers" when the players find the game to be easy.  It seems about right to have one base for every 3 players, but, this number can be adjusted either way to make the game constantly interesting.   This game can also be played by only allowing the  "tagger" to "get" someone by kicking their ball away, not just "tagging" the person.  

What’s the time Mr Wolf 

How to play: Coach starts as the big bad wolf. Each little pig has a brick house (a cone) The Pigs shout “What’s the time Mr  Wolf” and the wolf shouts back a time. Each player advances the ball the number the wolf shouts out. Pigs ask again and  repeat. When the Wolf shouts “Dinnertime”, the pigs have to dribble their soccer balls back to their house and the wolf chases  and tries to kick their ball away. Let each player have a go as the wolf. 

Teaching points: Use soft touches to keep away from Wolf, and then dribble at speed and stop ball with feet only. 

Progressions: Put cones in the way as trees that players avoid. Use multiple wolfs, or place wolf close to houses so pigs have  to get past. 

Knock Out (aka Soccer Doctor)

Each player with a ball inside a circle or square. On command “knockout” players are allowed to try and kick other players balls out, but  must keep their own ball at their feet inside the circle or square.

With Soccer Doctor players whose ball leave the circle must be "cured" by the doctor (eg 10 toe touches, 10 boxes, 2 juggles, etc)

Relay races 

Set up multiple teams of 3 or 4 players. For each team set up a short course of cones that players have to dribble through.   Players then dribble back, give ball to next person who repeats the course. When all players in a team have completed they sit   in a straight line with their hands on their heads.

Downhill Skiing 

Set up multiple gates in a grid. Each gate should be about 2-3 ft wide.  Players are skiing (dribbling their ball) inside the grid but  not going through the gates until the coach shouts “ Lets go Skiing” then players try to ski through as many different gates as  possible in the time coach allows. 

Soccer Baseball 
Have player kick ball from in front of goal.  Player then must make it around all the bases before the ball is kicked into the goal by the defenders. 

Counting for Points

Dribble with head up.   Dribble around circle.  Coach holds up fingers and kids yell out # of fingers while dribbling. 

Who let the dogs out 

Each player(dog) has a ball at the end of the field.  The coach yells, "Who let the dogs out?"  At that time, the dogs dribble their  balls to the other end while the coach tries to kick one or more balls out through the sidelines.  Whoever gets their balls kicked  out, now goes to the coach's team.  Repeat this, starting at the other end of the field, until all the dogs' balls are knocked out. 

Cops and Robbers: Divide players in two equal teams.  Players on each team are divided into either cops or  robbers.  The Cops are then supposed to guard cones while the robbers from the other teams tries to knock them over by kicking a ball into them (and vise versa for the other team).    

Steal the Bacon

Number the players so there are two 1's, two 2's, two 3's, etc..  Players line up on sideline.  Throw a ball  onto the field and call out a number.  Those players chase ball and go one on one until someone scores.