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Edit Your Calendar

Your team calendar may have been preloaded for you.  You have the ability to update your team calendar.  This means you can look to reschedule games, cancel practices, etc.  To do this go to your calendar.

You should have two calendars ... your own Coach <team name> and the teams <team name>.   You need to update the teams you'll find it under "other calendars" as shown here. 
If you click on an event in the calendar it should look like the image below.  It's straight forward to change the date and time.  If you need to request a new field assignment.  Follow the steps below.  If you reschedule you should see the fields available on the right next to the green block icons.  Note that 441 and 442 in this case are not available.  As 442 is scheduled for this game and 441 is scheduled for another.  If you have field coordinates in the event you may want to update these as they tell your opponents which field you will be playing at.  You can find the coordinates here.  Finally you may wish to update the text in the description to reflect the appropriate field.